The Impending Dangers of Wikileaks

Last Tuesday Wikileaks published thousands of documents leaked from an internal CIA source outlining ways and devices the agency uses to spy on civilians.  The news spread at a brisk pace through the regular news outlets and tech bloggers all around.  Wired was the first one to hit my  phone with a notification about the story.

The unveiling of “Vault 7” as they call it, is what is described as the largest release of confidential CIA documents ever that have come from the Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI) in Langley, VA.  A very high-end center of a highly important agency for the security of the United States.  In fact the CIA is responsible for the vast majority of information gathered to help warn of potential threats to national security and our military.

The CIA is responsible for providing intelligence on a wide range of national security issues to senior US policymakers and the President.  


Whoever is inside the CIA and leaking this information has committed treason against the United States.  A high-ranking official overseeing the CCI is believed to be responsible for getting the documents to Julian Assange who is either the spokesperson, creator, editor in chief or all three for Wikileaks.  Assange, an Australian citizen had written several essays on what he believes his philosophy to be, which is an opposition to what he calls authoritarian conspiracy governments.  He includes the US in his lists which many do not consider authoritarian at all.

Assange working towards a goal of radical transparency isn’t looking so much to shine a light on any conspiracies or people but to grind sand into the gears of any working agency he deems fit to do so.   It’s his own agenda for creating mass hysteria, crippling national security and endangering lives.  Not just lives abroad in conflict but lives in certain to be in jeopardy in what could become a more dangerous world because of leaked intelligence.

The existence and irresponsibility on the part of Assange and Wikileaks is and has jeopardized privacy as well.  Including kids.  In 2016 a mass data dump from Wikileaks posted personal information on hundreds of people including sick children, rape victims and mental health patients was on the web for everyone to see.  Just last year the group had published medical records of thousands of ordinary citizens while many others have had sensitive family, financial or identity records released by the group.  In a few cases Wikileaks even published the names of teenage rape victims.

Not just names but everything has been posted.   name, phone numbers, addresses and more.  This is not in line with the groups idea that they have promoted and defended privacy.  There is nothing to defend in this instance when you expose anything and everything that could be dangerous to others.

Currently Assange is held up in an Ecuadorian embassy in the United Kingdom.  Hiding from an extradition order to the US.   Seems interesting as he has caused thousands of people to hide from internal family toil or persecution and humiliation because of him and his group.

So this release of information from Wikileaks on the in’s and out’s of their ability to use devices to spy on people isn’t necessarily new news.   If you actually believed that you had privacy before hearing about this, you were sadly mistaken.  Writing and fighting for privacy is a nobel promise to hopefully a real outcome but to praise a group for privacy rights that has no care about personal privacy for individuals is a very wrong direction to go.

Wikileaks is not the real problem in our society; governments and politicians who manipulate their citizens on a regular basis are. In addition, the American political system is completely obsolete and should change to make it harder for politicians to adopt megalomaniac behaviors. The system should allow organizations such as Wikileaks to freely operate because it just exposes the truth about governmental corruption. Those who are not corrupt do not have to fear anything from Wikileaks.
Josep Goded

Mr. Goded writes a lot about critical thinking.  Matter of fact he uses that term quite often.  The definition of critical thinking is: the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.  Ok so Goded has done that.  He has made his judgement on the site and group making up Wikileaks.  Does critical thinking stop there?  No.  As he says Wikileaks is not the real problem in our society.  Now perhaps it isn’t and on face value I will agree with Goded.  If you are going to apply critical thinking to that follow it all the way through.  Perhaps having the information out such as the CIA being able to hack into your device is a good thing but as what cost did that information come?

Again as I said above, in reading the information that Wikileaks provided what it showed me was out intelligence agency and our national security is at a high risk.  What prompted a high-end official to share this information with Wikileaks.  If the site and the group were not there would the incentive still be there?  Not to mention the thousands of innocent not corrupt people out there that have to fear Wikileaks and their careless acts of intellectual terrorism on the people of this and many countries.

Maybe its time to take that critical thinking and use it far beyond the noses of those that like to prose on about it.


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